Why I developed
Mix-d: Hair

My name is Bradley Lincoln.

I am a parent, a grandad, son, brother, social researcher and I'm mixed race. I like solving problems. My daughters, their friends, and family members have struggled for many years to find a suitable hair care product for their curly-mixed hair.

And I wanted to help.

So, I got together with a focus group, talented chemist and a manufacturer to develop Mix-d: Hair. A unisex product specifically formulated for mixed and curly hair. And it works.

There were 3 issues I wished to address.

1. Results. I wanted to create a unisex product which would keep hair conditioned and was suitable for loose-open or tight-dense curls.

2. Availability. I wanted to develop a product that was easily recognisable on the shelf, available on the high street and online.

3. Price. I wanted to create a good quality product at a good price.

Mix-d: Hair has been lovingly co-created by family, friends and funded by Mix-d: (pronounced mixed). Mix-d: is a self funded social enterprise researching all things mixed-race. For more information about our other work check out www.mix-d.org.