Are you mixed-race / multi ethnic and age 16–24? Enter now for your chance to become the face of a mixed-race haircare brand.

Mix-d: (pronounced mixed) are looking for one male and one female from a ‘mixed’ background, to be the face and hair representative for their new product range.

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Mix-d: Hair is a unisex haircare range specifically formulated for mixed and curly hair. Find out why we developed Mix-d: Hair.

We are looking for individuals who celebrate their mixed, short, big, curly or wavy hair.

Winners will be crowned the face of Mix-d: Hair. They will win a years supply of the products and act as ambassador for the brand.

About the competition entries we wish to attract:

  1. Male and Female - no previous experience required. Everyday people!!
  2. Mixed-race. Deal breaker, all have to be mixed-race, any mix!!
  3. Aged 16–24.
  4. Mixed, Short, Big, Wavy and / or all Curly hair is welcome.
  5. Height is not an issues. This is all about the hair.

This is not a beauty contest. We want to represent ‘everyday’ people. If you are unsure about applying - give it a try anyway, you could win!!

Make history and help develop a brand you can be proud to support.

What we need from you:

  • Your Name.
  • Your Age.
  • Your Gender.
  • Ethnic Mix.
  • Location.
  • Email.
  • 3 Photos of you.

Deadline for entries: 1st July 2017

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