Positive Racial Literacy

The guidelines below are only ideas for you to look at and possible ways in which you can start a conversation/discussion with your child about positive racial literacy.

They will support you to boost your child’s confidence and knowledge around issues relating to their mixed heritage.

Mix-d: have used all of following ideas in multiple workshops with young people and received very positive feedback. The students enjoyed the opportunity to talk freely and honestly about the subject, they felt it was a great way to hear their thoughts out-loud and, gave them a voice to talk about the myths and negative assumptions about people of mixed race backgrounds. Please use the steps as a guideline only.

Step 1. Parent / Carer led discussion Make more accessible.

  • Create an opportunity to discuss and critically evaluate media representations and myths about mixed race people. I usually start something like this: “We all make assumptions and it is a ‘short hand’ way of collecting all the information around us but, what we need to do is second guess those assumptions”.
  • Discuss how different ‘ethnic’ backgrounds are represented on TV 
  • Discuss negative stereotypes in the media eg. Newspapers, posters & advertisements 
  • Challenge ‘invisibility’ in the curriculum

Step 2. Permission to Self-define 

  • Create a discussion about positive and negative language. Ask your child to think about all the names they have heard to describe mixed race people then ask them to choose which ones they feel are appropriate or not appropriate 
  • What term would they use to positively describe themselves 
  • Explain that the term ‘Black’ can be used to describe a person’s political position and their skin colour. 
  • Develop a language or opportunity to talk about how THEY view their own racial identity 

Are you a mixed-race parent?

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