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Mix-d: Face

About the Competition

We made history on 30th October 2010 at The Monastery Manchester by hosting the UK’s 1st mixed-race modelling competition.

The night was sponsored by Harvey Nichols, Boss Model Management and Sassoon and compared by Tachia Newall and Tupele Dorgu.

The aim of the event was to raise money for a Mix-d: education pack, promote the work of Mix-d: and search for the next male and female Mix-d: Face 2010.

We traveled up and down the country, scouted hundreds of models and chose 20 finalists, 10 men and 10 women.

The models were really nervous and excited but held themselves like true professionals.

We chose two winners, Florence Cassidy and Graham Scaife.

It was a fantastic evening.

I want to say thank you to our sponsors, everyone who attend, all the professionals who helped back stage from make-up to food to dressing the models.

The Mix-d: volunteers who generously gave their time to help run the event, the photographers, camera-people and monastery staff.

And a massive thank you to Alexandra, Aless, Steve, Pablo, for making this a memorable event.



Money raised from the contest will be used to help Mix-d: fund a new education pack aimed at increasing understanding of mixed-race issues among secondary school pupils.

Bradley Lincoln, founder of Mix-d: said:

“Mixed-race people make up 1.2% of our national population and are the fastest growing ethnic group in the UK but are often overlooked. Through Mix-d: Face 2010, we hope to raise the profile of mixed-race people in society in a positive and engaging way - and to raise money to support our educational initiatives in schools.”

Mix-d: Mission is to see mixed-race people at the heart of mixed-race discussions. We conduct research, stimulate discussion and seek shared understandings about mixed-race identities and experiences.

Practically, Mix-d: delivers young peoples workshops in schools and community projects, host national and regional youth conferences, support parents and carers, train young people as peer mentors and produce multi agency resources.

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