Mix-d:  Educational DVD. Stretford Grammar

Students From Stretford Grammar developed a teacher training DVD.

The students took part in a 12 week course to develop a broader understanding of their mix-d identity within school. We worked together to explore appropriate terminology, how to better reflect histories of people from mix-d backgrounds within the curriculum and how to build a positive vocabulary around the subject.

Develop a teacher training DVD which looks at issues related to mix-d identity in school. Formulate recommendations for further work with young people of mix-d backgrounds.


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Imran Ahmed

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Sami Mahjouri

Multi-Herirtage project is Big!

Neil Singh

i like that comment that girl made at the end (sorry didn’t catch her name) - “i used to think where do i fit in; now i know i just need to be me”. i can relate to that. :-).

Adele Roberts

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Ryan Alleyne

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sami maj