Mix-d: Parent Pack

Mix-d: Parent Pack

Mix-d: Parent Pack. A new resource due out April, 2012.

Many parents have approached the organisation Mix-d:  questions about raising mixed-race children, In response to this we have taken the initiative to consolidate all questions, answers and advice into a handy booklet which parents can refer to at their convenience.

The frequently asked questions section will give parents the confidence in responding to their young person’s needs without having to approach a Doctor or friend with the fear of judgement. Furthermore, the hair and skin care sections with provide useful advice when selecting products and the medical section of the book will highlight important health issues which commonly arise is mixed-race people.  Moreover, statements and experiences concerning issues with family and friends, school or general society will put parents at ease with the feeling that they are not alone in their thinking.

No two children are raised exactly the same and there is no such things as a step-by-step parenting book which can tell you how to raise a child; however, the Mix-d: Parenting book is the next best thing. With experiences, statements and advice from parents to parents the authenticity of this book makes it one to look out for!


Really interested in this Parenting resource - is it available yet and how do we get a copy?

Ginnie Odetayo