Mix-d: Nottinghamshire. Youth Conference

Mix-d: Nottinghamshire. Youth Conference

Students from Nottinghamshire have their say on mixed-race identity.

We had a conference day all about mixed race identity and made more than 50 new friends in Nottinghamshire. Students from Rushcliffe, West Bridgford, Arnold Hill, Colonel Frank Seely and Carlton-le-willows attended the event.

Event Summary

This event was a collaboration with Nottinghamshire County Council. The conference offered a ‘safe space’ for mixed-race students to discuss issues around being Mix-d. Sarah Lee (Head of the Nottinghamshire County Council’s Ethnic Minority Achievement Service) started the day with a talk reminding the young people that this was an open space for them to have their voices heard.

Bradley Lincoln, founder of the project also shared his journey and gave an introduction and background to the work. A short quiz about ‘multiple heritage identity’ was given to get things started.

After refreshments students were split into non-friendship groups and spent an hour in peer led workshops discussing issues related to mixed-race identity. A scribe was also at hand to capture their thoughts.

After lunch, students re-joined their school groups and worked with a youth facilitator and a member of staff from their school to develop an action-plan.

Feed back from the day was really interested. Many students siad they simply did not get opportunities to talk about these issues in school and often at home. They felt this event gave them permission to talk about something which was very important to them.

If you want to find out what students said please see report: http://www.mix-d.org/files/activity/Nottinghamshire-Web-Report.pdf

If you want to find out more about our work or run a conference in your area please email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


very interesting information. just what this country needs


day to remember, changed my mind for the better, something different which makes you feel that your not alone. thanks


wicked day :) made me feel proud to be who i am :D


had a really good day :D its cool to learn loads of new stuff and ive realised i look fat in all my piccys lol


p.s i have so many spotsss!!! on the bright side im proud of my colour :) oh and it would be lovely if we had more meetings about multiple heritage


me too i agree with tamara (: its was fun to learn about my background and meet new persons


Thanks to those peeps who took the time to drop a message…really appreciate you making the effort.


i didnt post tht comment about cool day man. someone thought they were clever. But the day was good, should do it again. Peace


it was a great day and will raise awareness mix:d :)


hopefully ill be comming next year