Mix-d: Birmingham. Youth Conference

Mix-d: Birmingham. Youth Conference

Students from Birmingham got together to discuss issues related to their mix-d race identity.

We had a conference day all about mixed-race identity and made 40 new friends in Birmingham.

Event Summary

This was a breakthrough event in Birmingham and a collaboration with Birmingham City Advisory Support Service and the Youth Service. The conference offered a ‘safe space’ for mixed-race students to discuss issues around being Mix-d.

Denise Williams (Mix-d Education Consultant) started the day with a talk, and reminded the students that this was a place for them to have their voices heard.

Bradley Lincoln, founder of the project also shared his journey and gave an introduction and background to the work whilst Yousiff Meah (Head of Birmingham City Youth Service) also spoke about his own Mix-d experiences.

After a quiz on ‘multiple heritage identity’ students viewed a short film called ‘African Brummie’ which talked about how cultures can complement each other.

Then students were split into groups and spent an hour in themed workshops discussing issues related to mixed-race identity. A scribe was also at hand to capture their thoughts. After lunch, students rejoined their workshop groups and discussed the themes and points for action, which each group then fed back to all their peers.

Many of the key issues and themes raised at the conference gave students a rare opportunity to talk about the stuff they rarely get a chance to talk about.  At the same time it gave teaching staff a chance to hear from the student point of view.

Feedback from the conference showed that the students took a lot from the workshops and many asked if they could train to be facilitators themselves.

Read what the students had to say: http://www.mix-d.org/files/activity/Birmingham_Conference.pdf

If you would like to run a conference in your city please email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).