Mix-d: Nottingham. Facilitator Training

Mix-d: Nottingham. Facilitator Training

Mix-d race youth lead student workshops.

Assisted in the development of conference material for young people of mixed/dual heritage and facilitate a workshop on mixed/dual heritage issues for Nottingham/Nottinghamshire mix-d conference.


The Project looks fabulous, Bradley - you’re passion for this works shines through in the website. Fantastic!


Hey Bradley! It’s looking great! I gota say you are an utter Joker with all your photos! You know what it’s like with me and the camera! Well Done Brad, Looks Brilliant!


Hi Brad! The website looks absolutely amazing! Thank you for letting us be part of such an inspirational and eye-opening project! (picture of me is terrible though lol) Take care!


hey!!! brad i did that trainig! wheres my pic :(

zoe swift

Mr Lincon, how are you Sir? Websites looking good! Man I’m good looking! lol seriously though thanks for the oppertunity! Keep doing what your doing, its only leading to one thing ... success and reconition. See you in Manchester!!!


Sorry Miss Zoe, the picture quality isn’t great so didn’t want you telling me off. brad.


Miss Zoe, Get in touch….we need you on our young people’s steering group! We have more work to do here!

Sarah, EMTSS

Whenever I have had a hard day I just check out this site and smile. Brad…..keep on the case of these young revolutionaries! I need you to keep them inspired and to realise how much they have to offer!


My keyboards rubbish so excuse missing letters Im lovin the site ! Like a virtual conference im impressed brad Been lookin at th terminology bit nd its a shame how ppl waste so much creativity on insults Nice to be a part of sumthin so positive with so many amasin ppl thankyou for the oppertunity nd f bein nice nd driven keepin evryone else inspired nd on their toes woo ps not so nice that you didnt save my dignity on the pictures front :( Cya all sooon


Hey becky its a pleasure to be working with you and great to see you all last week…you all make me proud. Brad.