Mix-d: Face 2010

Mix-d: Face 2010

Putting on the Ritz - Malcolm Evans comments on the Mix-d: fashion show illustrated with photos of our winners (Florence Cassidy & Graham Scaif) on their first shoot.

I wasn’t 100% sure when I first heard Bradley’s plans….....a fashion show – sure, fine if you like that kind of thing – but was it really, well, Mix-d:?

But from the opening moment when the fabulous Manchester Sing Out Choir acapella-smoothed Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, you just knew that Mix-d itself had successfully scaled new heights.

The young people strode purposefully down the catwalk which stretched back right into the Chancel of Gorton Monastery. Their first steps out into the respectful audience were lit by the scores of flickering candles on the high altar of this most beautiful of buildings.

Old and new, sacred and secular – as Mix-d: ever does, the evening transcended the stale dualisms that separate black and white and which have left mixed race needing Mix-d: to chase away the prejudice and the nonsense.

“I left the ‘e’ out of Mix-d: to get rid of all the artificial additives which have been polluting the debate,” said Bradley.

And pure entertainment was what we got: beautiful young people moving like only beautiful young people can to the backdrop of hot reggae beats and the cool asceticism of this shrine to monastic catholicism.

Winners Florence and Graham will no doubt now go on to higher things in the fashion world.

The rest of us just felt very, very thankful to have been part of the new, real world of effortless cosmopolitanism and of real, Mix-d: people putting on the ritz.