Mix-d: Uk. Special offer: £10.00.

Mix-d: Uk. Special offer: £10.00.

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Faces of mixed-race identity.

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This is a book of pictures, personal statements and minimal words. It is a social document about
mixed-race identities. There is no bleating of, ‘I am hurt and it is wrong’, no blaming, no long
explanations, certainly no apologies, nor any unnecessary celebrations.

It is simply about how it is.

It’s a study of the ‘awkwardly coloured elephant in the room’...the fastest growing minority ethnic
group in Britain, projected to be the largest minority group by 2020 - yet still an unsettled topic.
The portraits in this book tell us that mix-d: is something you feel or you don’t.

Mix-d is not a homogenous group. By its very nature it is diverse, cutting across cultures, religions, regions,
nationalities, histories and ethnicities. There is no such thing as a mix-d community in the geographical

The ties of culture, tradition, history and religion do not bind the mix-d population as a separate ethnic
grouping. Quite the contrary, many of these things primarily bind mix-d people to other ethnic groups.

Mix-d. Uk. A look at mixed-race identities. A book which challenges the awkward silence
surrounding this subject and shifts the discussion from ‘problematic to modern’.

Order direct from: http://www.mix-d.org/marketplace