Essential Guide To Working With Mixed-Race Young People.

Essential Guide To Working With Mixed-Race Young People.

'Political Correctness' has gone wrong. We have collated the largest data data collection on mixed-race in the UK.

Who we are:

Mix-d: is the social enterprise that for the last six years has developed the UK agenda for professionals who work with mixed race young people. Our activities span schools, colleges, universities, social services departments, youth work, the criminal justice system, community groups and the training sector.

We have engaged with 1,000s of young people, their parents, policy makers and politicians across the country.

Mix-d: approach has influenced policy and practice by collaborating with practitioners, politicians and, most importantly, young people to challenges stereotypes, change the language and debunk the myths and historical assumptions about what it means to be “mixed-race”


We are developing a practical guide which will:

- Give you a political and deeply personal perspective on the topic.

- Bring you totally up to speed with leading edge theory and practice.

- Invite your feedback and input on final version of resource.

Benefits to Professionals:

- Offers guidance on supporting young people who are exploring / struggling with racial identity

- Provides guidance for tackling the unseen issues which affect mixed-race young people and how to represent their needs in your organisation.

- Provides practical responses to challenging comments form a young person regarding race / identity and tips on how to engage in a positive and constructive way

Due for release later this year.