Facilitator Training 2010

Facilitator Training 2010

Before conducting their own workshop at a Youth Conference, Mix-d: youth facilitators must take part in 2 full day training events.

For the Walsall conference, these training days took place on at Shelfield Academy. Most of the Walsall facilitators had had prior experience with the project after attending the Walsall conference last year and were therefore able to emphasize with the young people involved in their workshop.

Facilitators have received training on how to engage and communicate with the young people and understand that each individual is entitled to give his or her opinion and is entitled to be listened to - every opinion counts! Facilitators also develop skills to interact with people who may be internal and external processors. They are aware that some experiences are similar and some are different so each experience must be heard without judgement.

The second training day is dedicated to workshop development. Facilitators will decide on a theme for their workshop and develop the structure and activities are that theme. For the Walsall conference, the Facilitators decided on themes such as terminology, stereotypes, identity and discrimination.

Training days allow the facilitators to develop valuable life skills and gain a deeper insight into the discussion whilst also having the opportunity to voice their own opinions and push the discussion forward. They play an extremely important role in providing a platform for the discussion by creating a friendly atmosphere and stimulating questions to engage the young people and capture thoughts and feelings.