1st National Mixed-Race Conference in Manchester

1st National Mixed-Race Conference in Manchester

We made history. The First National Mixed-Race Conference in the Uk.

This was a landmark event for The Multiple Heritage Project. The UK’s 1st National Mixed-Race Conference.

Over 100 mixed-race students from across the country joined us along with members of their school management teams, teachers and mentors.
We worked in partnership with Heritage Lottery Fund, Ahmed Iqbal Ullah Educaton Trust, Walsall Children’s Services, Trafford Council, Nottinghamshire County Council, Nottingham City Children’s Services and Manchester City Council.

Our aim was to do something which had not been done before and create a rare opportunity for young mixed-race people to talk about the things they do not often get an opportunity to talk about.

In the process we leant a lot, shared a lot and produced the Uk’s first ever Mix-d: manifesto created entirely by the young people.  (http://www.mix-d.org/files/resources/MHP_Mix-d__Manifesto.pdf)

Feed back from the conference has been very positive, some students have kept the discussion alive by creating their own Mix-d: project within school.

If you want to have a look at the findings from the day then browse the navigation panel on the right. Alternately you can view other conference events or take a look at our downloadable resources (http://www.mix-d.org/documents/).

For further information on running and working in partnership on a Mix-d:, click here, or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


I think this is goin to be good for mix-d race people to give us an understanding of where we are in society

Ryan owen

where can we find the pictures which were taken on the 14th (at this event?)


For conference pictures please check out weblink section on the left hand side of this page (Conference Pic)...and leave a message about your thoughts and what you got out of the day. Thanks Brad.


lol just seen the pics and there’s nothing too bad on there luckily! :) The day was good but confusing at parts- it really made me think! I decided that I don’t and have never had a problem with my identity, im really proud of it. But the day made me realise that other people’s attitudes about mixed race people are different so we need to open their eyes! Btw all the people were really nice :)


I feel proud to have been a part of this event, and priviledged to have been included. Thanks to all our young people who showed the world how great they are and that they have something important to say.

Sarah, Nottinghamshire

I was part of this event, i made history, many others did to and its all thanks to Brad. Serious it changd a lot off peoples views n i hope it continues to do so Peace Imran, Manchester


The event was very enjoyable and an amazing expriecents if anyone needs to reach me here is my e-mail adress .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Sami Mahjouri

hey brad i saw you today you came to flixton girls hey we will do that web page for youh !! he he i love the confrence it was amazing for me and probably for all of us actually ii just saw my pic ew i looked discusting ha ha only joking and by the way i wasnt to be a facilitator from shalice

shalice davis

hi BRAD!Thanks for coming back to my school today.. This day was so good i had loads of fun. Thank you for letting me get involved..And i would really like to stay in touch with you and be a facillitator. My email address is .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) =)


Hey Brad, thanks for putting some of my shots up on the site. It was a brilliant day to attend - a vibrant and fascinating event. I had a great time and learnt a lot (not just about photography)!


Hi Brad.jus seen all the pics they not that bad :). the conference really made me think about my heritage. !!! also it was really fun !!1


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heya brad u alrite enjoyed ma self uno lol chat soon


Hi Charrie, thanks for the message. Tell Liam to take a look at answer to his question above… Hope you stay in touch


Great to see yo again Brad in nottingham. We look forward to seeing our webpage online.


Pupils From Djanogly Think That The Day Was A Good Idea.

Lashay, Charlotte,nicole.nicole

At the conference we all felt nervous at the start, then we started to feel more relaxed in the first workshop we had a laugh and had fun. It made us feel like we no where we stand.

Naomi Malaky Mileka Bianca Kieran

Wow the conference was brilliant i found it super Insightful and it definately exceeded my expectations. Hope we can all meet again soon, Thanks Brad .=]

Raia, Notts bluecoat !x

i thought it was a very big help and it got me thinking about it more


It was great opportunity to get with other mixed race people like ourselves and was a really good experience. =)

Shakira, Simone & Jake

The conference was a great opportunity for all mixed raced people to get together and discuss there experiences. and really made us think about making a difference in our local area. =]

Pareece & Beaudene from aldridge school

It really made me think about who I was and what my identity is. Nice goin’ Brad!

Alexander Lewis

I Really Enjoyed The Conference, I Was Really Nervous At First Cause I Didnt Know What To Expect But When I Got There It Was Really Good, Im Glad I Had The Opportunity To Get To Go As Its Not Often These Opportunties Come Around :) .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Shakira from Shelfiels School.

hiya Brad. this day was amazing. it changed alot ov people views! thanks for coming back to my school (: thankyou for letting me get involed. I would love to stay involed an become facillitator. My e-mail address is .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Laurice Depasois

hey brad , thanks for sorting out the whole password thing but i was just wondering what email address i use to login. all is going well at bluecoat we have some ideas for are page =] thanks for the encouragement so far Raia, bluecoat Notts x

Raia x

Hi Raia, Good to here from you…please let me know how things are going…did you get your login details?


I teach my yutes…...some say black, some say white, some say dark, some say light, halfcaste, coloured or mix-d race - put em in their place, stand bold an make sure u told em - your GOLDEN. We are all one race - humans - how can you mix one thing? GOLDEN is not just a skin tone - its a metaphor for future, for change for enlightenment. One day, all humans will be GOLDEN, regardless of skin tone. Blessings to you all…..be proud and love even the ignorant ones!

preacher man