Mix-d: Parenting. Our 1st London based conference for parent / carers

A dedicated look at mixed-race identity from parent/carers view point.

This was the first time we had held such an event in London. I think it is fair to say we were all pretty nervous but it went really well. Attendees got the opportunity to ask the questions they rarely get an opportunity to do so.

The main areas we covered were:

Parenting ‘mixed’ children
Changing terminology - What’s in a name?
How to access information, books and resources for children from mixed-race backgrounds.
Developing a positive racial identity for children of mixed-parentage.

Out Terminology chart can be found in the resource section: http://www.mix-d.org/documents/.

If you want to chat about running a parent/carers or find out more about our work, please email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


What a great opportunity for parents and carers to have a say AND gain information on an issue that impacts so many families?!


Hi Is this also for parents who are themselves mixed race?


Hi Donna, Yes, it was also for parents who are mixed-race. Sorry you missed the event but please keep intouc.


hi this is all vey interesting, wish i had seen it before now. will keep an eye for future evnets