Our contribution to the discussion

Our contribution to the discussion

We believe that central government and many professionals bodies have not yet grasped the many complex issues surrounding traditional mixed-race issues.

In our view Mix-d is not a homogenous group. By its very nature it is diverse, cutting across cultures, religions, regions, nationalities, histories and ethnicities. There is no such thing as a mix-d community in the geographical sense. The ties of culture, tradition, history and religion do not bind the mix-d population as a separate ethnic grouping. Quite the contrary - many of these things primarily bind mix-d people to other ethnic groups.

Mix-d is not a quest to manufacture new racial types. Far from it – the need we are seeking to address is not necessarily prevalent amongst all people who are mixed. This is why we are developing our own concepts through ongoing and nationwide research and consultation.

The Mix-d concept is designed to create a voice for a silent group who may experience confusion, conflict, or misunderstanding about their racial identity...and to bring richness and colour to the lives of some mix-d people for whom everything to date has been simply Black or White.