The Development of Mix-d:

The Development of Mix-d:

I’m Bradley. I’m Mix-d:

- But when I started this project a few years ago I couldn’t find the language to express what I felt.

There were plenty of people and books that told me I was mixed race. They were right – I am mixed race – but that didn’t capture how I felt, or what I knew to be the experiences of other mixed-race friends and family members.

I’ve had plenty of times when I have been accused of not being black enough and just as many occasions when I’ve been told I should be more white. These are the kind of things I have been seeking to understand. Thousands of mixed race people have also offered their opinions.

I started off this journey of discovery as the Multiple Heritage Project. For me it was a way to capture and record my own and other people’s thoughts on the subject. After some time I soon realised that we needed something else to express the shared experiences of mixed-race living – something that accurately captured those unique feelings and experiences. This is where the term mix-d: has come from.

So, I’m Bradley. I’m mix-d: I’m nothing special but I’ve been enormously privileged to listen and to learn from a huge range of opinions and experiences. The Mix-d: journey goes on. The debate goes on. Join us.